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Cavaliers of Mayfield 

Breeder of over 100 Cavalier King Charles Champions  



I keep a short waiting list. Ask for an application if you wish to be considered for a Mayfield puppy.
A Mayfeild Cavalier puppy is bred with health and intelligence!

"A one hour old Cavalier puppy"

Mara Rose, an adorable puppy, totally spoiled and loved by Aimee

Father and son


  What a cute sleeping Cavalier puppy.

Above Puppies are Champions in loving homes

We occasionally have puppies at 12 weeks of age, available to loving homes with fenced yards. We like to meet your entire family before we place a puppy. BUYER BEWARE! Breeders that do not ask you alot of questions, are breeders that may be running a puppy mill. Beware of newspaper ads, 99% are Brokers and Backyard Breeders. Brokers sell only puppymill dogs. In many cases these are the dogs with health problems. They DO NOT check hearts, hips and eyes on the parents. It is not worth any amount of money to purchase a possible heartbreaking problem puppy. ASK! If you do buy, ask to see clearance papers. We give copies of the parents current heart and eye certificates, and each puppy is heart cleared and eye cleared before leaving for his/her new home. You may also go to the OFA website and see our dogs clearances. ALWAYS see the premises where the dogs and pups are kept, and see at least one parent.

Below is ROSIE HYATT, forever in Aimee’s heart. 2005-2020

Emma Lee and pups

Cavaliers love people of all ages and are great to cuddle with. They are great comforters. Cavaliers, babies and the elderly do just fine together. Ask to meet the Cavalier Mother (and Father if they own him). Don't buy from anyone not owning at least one parent. Ask to see the Board Certified health certificates for heart/hips and eyes on BOTH parents. If a Cavalier does not have excellent temperment, it's NOT a Cavalier. If you get a bad feeling, walk out!

Eight is Enough!!

This beautiful healthy litter of eight was presented to their Mother, CH. Mayfield's Stella Star in 2002.
An average litter is 3-4. This is unusual!

Some beautiful babies are shown below.

Mayfield Buck - 2022
Mom Julia x Dad Rudy

 Baby Bob

CH Mayfield Royal Robert

Baby Madeline

Baby Tucker says EEEEK a mouse!!

Mayfield Master Graham

Best friends - Rex & Vito

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